Ethan Weyrick

Architecture manifested itself through numerous avenues, whether it is derived from the point, line or plane, or is inspired by the surroundings that one is in.  However, true architecture is the harmonization of the basic principles meshed with an artistic license to create something that reflects one’s self. Throughout my career, the reflection of myself culminates in a thought of nature. I believe my fascination with nature is in part due to where I spent  my childhood. I grew up in a small rural town called Thetford in the heart of Vermont, where I would spend most of my time outside, engulfed in nature. With that notion of nature, I have been focused on the sustainable aspect of architectural design. The age of sustainable design is upon us and striving for the most efficient design possible is mandatory. What I hope to accomplish with my design skill is to spread the knowledge of sustainability and implement techniques into all of my design.


Thank you to our past interns. Wow! We owe these people a huge debt of gratitude for their hard work, creativity, and vision!

2014: Francisco Andrade

As a B.A. Design student in Brazil, Francisco has already worked with different fields of Design, such as Graphic Design, in which he won the 3rd place of the Pernambuco State Sectional Competition of Billboards sponsored by Central de Outdoor. Also, he was volunteer on a signage project for his hometown organized by his university in Brazil. Currently, Francisco is engaged in a study-abroad program specializing in Furniture Design at SCAD, but also focusing on Project and Design Management.


2013: Diane Seaver

Diane Seaver is currently a graduate student working towards her MFA in Service Design at Savannah College Art and Design. She is originally from a small farm town in Nebraska where she grew-up on a hobby farm built on sustainable techniques and environmental stewardship. She earned her BFA in Industrial Design from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY. After graduation she worked professionally as a trade show designer and then as a food portable designer; both positions were at design-build companies requiring an understanding of front-end and back-end business drivers.

Recently Diane has found her true passion for the built environment and spatial design through adaptive reuse. She hopes to be part of a company such as Whole Foods that values the triple bottom line especially when it comes to the spaces that consumers use. For Diane, sustainability is not a cause, but a habitat, and she would like to bring to any company a perspective of being environmentally conscientious is not a trade-off for profits.

2013: Colin Williams

Colin Williams is an undergraduate student in Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI. A native of Toronto, Canada, he was raised in an old house in the walkable historic Parkside neighborhood of Savannah, which nurtured from a very early age an appreciation for environmentally sensitive design. Extensive family travels around North America and Europe exposed him to a wide variety of natural and manmade environments. His interests in green development and sustainability originate from a fascination with the natural world and the need to preserve it for future generations. It is his goal to encourage a change in the way people view cleaner building techniques and have them adopted more widely across the globe.

2011: Hannah Gilmore

Hannah has always been interested in all forms of expression and communication, especially when it connects people and enriches their lives. Raised in the Rocky Mountains in Snowmass Colorado, she’s grown up with an appreciation for nature and a passion for design. She recently received a BFA from Savannah College of Art & Design, majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Interior Design. Hannah is passionate about the people of our world and how we communicate feelings through the expression of language and artistry. Her studies at SCAD have enhanced her appreciation and love for all forms of design. With multidisciplinary skills, she’s capable to delve into anything from illustration to window displays. Hannah strives to connect communities and ignite cultural, sustainable and humanitarian awareness through everything she creates. She looks forward to  being immersed in the arts, expanding her knowledge, using her creativity and allowing her artistic soul to thrive!

2011: Adrian Perez

Adrian Perez is a recent graduate from the Design for Sustainability program at the Savannah College of Art and Design. His main areas of study include the nature of human settlements, a philosophy of sustainability, and alternative material technologies. Adrian is co-founder of Barbarus, an innovative apparel + accessory company.