invaluable contributors

Clark Delashmet | Web Design & Craftsmen at Large

The main thing about Clark is he’s not a master of anything, but more of a jack of all trades. This is due to the fact that he’s exposed himself to as many different creative outlets as possible, with the constant theme being creation. He loves to create. It all started around the age of 9 working with his father in the woodshop. Since then, this love has pushed him in many directions. His love to create has helped him build furniture and wooden kayaks. In school it pushed Clark to obtain a masters in graphic design, which has fostered a love of the print and digital worlds of design. During the last 11 years, Clark has worked in both of these areas and ended up where he is now, a professor and interactive art director.

Keith Howington | Longterm Board Member + Past VP

Keith served on Emergent’s board  for three years, including one year as Vice President, and during that time contributed significantly to Emergent’s highest priority projects. Keith has been both Project Manager and Designer for a variety of residential and commercial projects, large and small scale. Through daily practice with a local architecture firm, he is continually educating himself in sustainable design practices and chooses to incorporate these practices in his projects. Keith has degrees in both Historic Preservation and Architecture, and is a LEED Accredited Professional. He is also a member of many regional organizations that promote sustainability such as USGBC, GA Conservancy, National and Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation, and others. Keith has been noted for a local interior restoration in Old House Interiors magazine and has won several design awards through the Historic Savannah Foundation,  and a Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation award. Keith has served on several boards in the past that help to promote community well- being and also currently sits on Savannah’s Historic District Board of Review.

Kathy Fritz | Founding Board Member

After answering an email from Scott Boylston about a great opportunity and attending a meeting at the Sentient Bean in July of 2009 she became a co-founder of Emergent Structures. She was the organization’s first Vice President. Kathleen was raised in New England splitting her formative years between Connecticut and Massachusetts.  She studied Psychology as an undergraduate at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts.  She worked for 10 years as a community mental health worker and as an advocate for the consumer empowerment movement and for mental health insurance parity. Wanting to have a greater impact on the quality of the human experience in the built environment Kathy returned to school in the mid 90’s to pursue a Masters of Interior Design from the Boston Architectural College. She worked for a number of years creating bio-science research and development facilities in the Boston-Cambridge area as well as secondary and collegiate institutions in Southern Connecticut and New Jersey. She also taught as an adjunct in interior design at the University of New Haven, CT.  She moved to Savannah, GA in the fall of 2007 to pursue teaching interior design full-time and to further develop her exploration into installation art using reclaimed material.

Ramsey Khalidi | Founding Board Member |  Southern Pine, Co.

Having answered the very first call to action that Emergent Structures put out in 2009, Ramsey is a founding board member of Emergent Structures, and has contributed an invaluable amount of time, knowledge, energy and services to Emergent Structures. Ramsey is President of Southern Pine Company of Georgia, Inc, and co-owner of RK Construction and Development. In his career as a preservationist and an adaptive re-use developer, Ramsey has pioneered material re-use, building deconstruction and ‘extreme’ preservation in the Coastal Empire and beyond. Before moving to Savannah, he was a production and maintenance engineer at General Motors, spent nearly 2 years in Saudi Arabia design/building power stations and electric portable underground drill stations (eliminating diesel fuel) for American-Arabian Shield Co., and as the plant manager at Octra (a motor city foundry) where among other things, he developed innovative energy sharing processes utilizing secondary heat generated from blast furnaces. Ramsey has served on the board of directors at King-Tisdell Cottage Foundation, CAMDA, and currently on Savannah Technical College’s Historic Preservation and Green Building advisory board. Ramsey likes live music almost as much as he likes centuries old timber.

Imke Lass | Photographer

Imke was born, raised and photographically educated in Germany and moved to the US in 1991, on what back then seemed like a whim. After 9 formative years in New york City and a 2 year quest for creative insight and refinement in the Rocky Mountains, she is happy to be back among people and near the ocean in Savannah, GA, which she has called home since 2001. Her assignments have taken her around the globe and up close and personal with people from all walks of life. She works with 2 medium format cameras and a gentle eye, her images convey a sense of intimacy and compassion that make even the most far away places and people feel like home, and most challenging situations feel personal. Imke’s photographs have appeared in publications in the US and worldwide. She is available for documentary and portrait photography here and abroad.

The beautiful photography you find throughout this website was shot by Imke Lass. Emergent Structures is tremendously grateful for Imke’s interest in and dedication to our mission.