our values

DESIGN THINKING | We celebrate the transformative power of design thinking as a tool that can align visions, iterate solutions through experimentation, bring new ideas into demonstrable form, and create unprecedented opportunities for sustainable change.

COMMUNITY + CULTURAL ENRICHMENT | The local community and its cultural richness are at the heart of all successful and sustainable movements. We value this cultural vibrancy of empowered local communities.

ENVIRONMENT | Even as the global demand for natural resources increases rapidly, today’s waste streams represent an increasing danger to the health of the planet’s eco-systems. We embrace innovations in technology, industry and human relationships that transform such threats into opportunities for all.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT | Great economic potential exists within our society’s waste stream. New opportunities to tap into that economic potential in a long-term, sustainable manner can be created for organizations, businesses, and local communities through education, training and innovative partnerships.

EDUCATION | We believe that educational and training programs for the public, private and non-profit sectors can increase the awareness and utility of construction and demolition waste streams, and encourage sustainable and creative reuse of building materials.

PARTNERSHIP | We value innovative and strategic, cross-sector partnerships that stimulate diversity of thought, ideas and perspectives.