project managers

Meagan Hodge

Meagan is a material reclamation fanatic who cameos as a designer to support her passions. She is the founder of Design for Ability, a non-profit organization that provides green-jobs training for special needs students. After completing her undergraduate degree in Interior Design at LSU, she picked up and relocated to Colorado in 2005 to begin her lifelong conquest for sustainable design solutions and spur of the moment laughter. As a certified designer, her professional practice includes multiple award winning Interior Design projects, avid participation with non-profit organizations and unforeseen dumpster diving. In 2011, she received her masters degree in Design for Sustainability from Savannah College of Art and Design, and currently focuses on the environmental impact of the human species and the need for triple bottom line results. She loves the land, her dog and getting her hands dirty.  She dislikes bios. Especially writing them. Meagan has been contributing her knowledge and skills to Emergent Structures for several years, and is a Project Manager for the Design for Ability Greenhouse project.

Nick Deffley

Nick recently moved to the warmth of Savannah from the frigid winters of Minneapolis, MN, where he worked for the last 9 years at the University of Minnesota. While there, he developed sustainable building policies, managed the University’s first sustainable building program and improved collaboration with minority-owned businesses on sustainable building projects. He also focused on enterprise-level strategic sustainability planning, covering all aspects of campus life and facility operations. Nick has a multidisciplinary degree in Environmental Studies, Political Science & Communications and a Masters in Environmental Policy & Organizational Effectiveness. He is a LEED Accredited Professional and a member of the USGBC-GA Savannah Branch. Nick is very interested in finding ways to shift human behavior in everyday life towards a more sustainable way of living. He uses a systems approach to sustainability challenges, incorporating life-cycle analysis and cradle-to-cradle thinking to achieve solutions that balance social, environmental and economic interests. Nick is a Project Manager for the Design for Ability Greenhouse project.

Charisse Bennett

Charisse Bennett is Program Director for The Creative Coast. An architect by training with four years of professional experience designing high-rise towers and office complexes, she is completing a Master of Fine Arts at SCAD, with a dual focus in Design Management and Design for Sustainability. She hopes to combine her passion for community empowerment and material reclamation with her academic thesis work, as well as her everyday involvement in volunteer opportunities, event support, and creative fundraising initiatives. Her contributions to Emergent Structures are many, but most notably, the creation and project management for the Design and Build Competition for Dog Houses + Cat Structures, and the Savannah Gardens rainbarrel stand kit creation + workshop.