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What a GREAT opportunity we’re providing you to show your support for Savannah’s entrepreneurial scene! Until May 10th, individuals or businesses can sponsor the creation of office tables made from reclaimed materials that will be used by entrepreneurs at the Creator’s Foundry, the new and vibrant business hub operated by The Creative Coast.

The tables are being fabricated from unused rebar from some of our recent construction sites, excess wood from IKEA, and excess tempered glass from DIRTT Environmental Solutions. A class of talented SCAD Industrial Design students will be designing and fabricating these tables. For all the details, check out our blog post here. Better hurry up, there’s only 12 tables in total!




Emergent Structures is leading a collaborative effort to build an educational greenhouse to serve special needs high school students. The greenhouse, which will include sustainable features like solar photovoltaic energy, rainwater catchment and passive solar heating, will be the agricultural training center for Design for Ability, another non-profit which is dedicated to green jobs training for special needs teenagers in the Savannah area.

The lead funder for the project is IKEA, with sponsorship also coming from DIRTT Environmental Solutions, Guerry Lumber, Gulfstream, DPR Hardin Construction, Savannah Technical College, Southern Pine Company, Whole Foods Markets, and Young Contracting.

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First an expression of sincere admiration and gratitude must be conveyed to Michael Hughes, the Project Manager for Thomas & Hutton, and Brian Quigley, the Project Manager for NorSouth Construction. In a time when the construction industry has contracted in unprecedented fashion, and companies throughout the country have pulled inward and become risk adverse, these 2 gentlemen have been willing and eager to not only listen, but to offer ideas of their own, and to step boldly forward to experiment with new ideas when it comes to deconstruction, material reclamation, and material re-use. Without their commitment in difficult times, and on tight budgets and deadlines, very little would have been accomplished. It should also be said that the Savannah Gardens redevelopment has numerous sustainable aspects to it above and beyond material reclamation, and we’re thrilled to see such a green development.

Emergent Structures has been intermittently collaborating with Thomas & Hutton, the lead engineers of the Savannah Gardens redevelopment, and NorSouth Construction since first being introduced to the redevelopment project. Phase One material reclamation has taken many forms, some which have been reported in our blog or in the project sections of this website. There are also several initiatives that have not yet been presented here, and they will be highlighted in due time.

These two organizations have been dedicated to the material reclamation process to the furthest extent of their reach for Phase One, and there are still over 50 units in Savannah Gardens. Our hope is that the material reclamation rate will increase as we continue to work together. There are plans for several initiatives for the latter phases of the redevelopment, and we will keep you updated as they progress.

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