share your stories

There are many examples of innovative material re-use out there in the world, and we’re in the habit of featuring as much as we can.

We have several ongoing opportunities to share your story ::

1) The above earrings, repurposed from discarded bike parts by Jennifer Jeng and Whitney Greg, won second prize in Savannah’s Habitat for Humanity and Emergent Structures’ collaborative fundraising This Ain’t Junk competition. The first This Ain’t Junk fundraiser was such a success, we just might start doing it every year.

2) We’re teaming up with Thomas & Hutton, one of our earliest supporters and the lead engineers of the Savannah Garden redevelopment, to present Emergent Structures’ Exclaim Your Reclaim (EyR) award. Every year, we will pick one student entry and one general entry from all entires submitted, and award them each a $500 grant and an award made from one of the studs that were harvested during one our first deconstruction events in the early part of 2010.

3) We regularly feature stories of adaptive re-use on our blog. If you’re interested in submitting anything, please send us not only photographs of the final artifact, but pictures of the previous use, and pictures of the fabrication process, if possible. Also, tell the story of the materials in creative fashion; are you familiar with the geographic and/or human history of your materials? If so, let us know!

Please email to find out how to share your story.